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How to be a grateful working mom

Because let's admit it, not all moms "just" stays at home, right?

After I gave birth to my first son, we have plans that I just stay at home to take care of him while hubby works. During that time, life was lighter, easier.

Until Yobbie came. Everything was doubled including stress, bills to pay and responsibilities. So that plan of me staying at home was left behind. We just can't lose my job - we have a mortgage to pay, 2 kids to feed, then we're renting and we don't have yaya!

My husband stopped working to stay at home and take care of the kids.

I'll be honest that aside from my  love for writing and sharing, I am blogging hoping that I can start and save for my future desire of becoming a full time mom. I am also enhancing my skills and continuously building my resume so if time comes that I'll be given a chance to work from home, I am ready, right? 

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Meanwhile, I am a proud …

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