It's my birthday month and it's just 4 days until I turn 25! I want my silver year to be better, purposeful and well organized. I want to learn how to be more grateful, passionate and I want to develop a positive vibes, para happy lang lagi, di ba?
I want to do a lot of things, I want to pursue my dreams and I want to focus on building healthy, happy relationships and be a better woman. I acknowledge that my lack of consistency and the way I am shaken by problems take me away from my goals. That's why I need constant reminders to keep me on track. I need help and inspiration. 

And so during the Christmas season, I've thought of a wishlist that can help me in planning and executing my plans to achieve certain goals. I requested for a CERTIFIED POSITIVE PLANNER! 
I am so much grateful that my monita took extra effort to find it. I wasn't expecting to receive it because I was advised before the gift-giving that she can't find my wishlist and even asked for a 2nd …

My Staycation Tips + My First Staycation Experience with my Beshes

This post is brought to you by Traveloka. All ideas and opinions are mine.

We don't live to just work, we need to explore and perhaps, travel?

As a working mom, it's not easy to get out of my bubble. Mommy errands + 9 hour work shift + updating my blogs and being a woman myself, ugh! I have no time to even relax!

We all need a break from all our engagements. Planning a vacation out of town is a really thrilling plan, but since I am a working mom, a blogger, a wife and an entrepreneur, it’s not always practical to go out of town “to relax”.

While it will be hard for me  to leave my family and all those errands behind, it doesn’t mean I can’t have a vacation away from home – a staycation with family and/or friends is a great option to relax.

We need not to go far; the city has a lot to offer. Also, there are online booking sites like Traveloka to help us search for accommodation easily.

So here are my tips for a hassle-free-and-super-fun-staycation + my girlfriends 1st staycation expe…

Guilt-free way of Eating Candies

I am guilty of giving my kids preserved and/or instant foods. As a working mom, it is not only my time that's hard to manage but also our whole family's feeding system.

I cooked one meal for the whole day. Yielding good for our Brunch, my packed lunch and their dinner. Since we don't have refrigerator at home, it's hard to buy in big batches because they might spoil immediately.

So I always have stocks of biscuits, breads and yes candies and/or chocolates for their meriendas.

Admit it or not, the foods that we buy are most of the time preserved and have chemicals that might be unhealthy. And honestly, I don't always have time to do weekly meal planning and cooking.

Now that the "Trick or Treat" season is in the air, kids would have the pleasure of eating candies all they want!

So for this season, Rebisco is giving us a sweet treat that would remove the guilt of eating too much candies.

Me and my kids just discovered Vita Cubes! A super yummy jelly that&#…