To the father of my adorable kids, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

June 18, 2016
Father's day is right at the corner. And although I HAD plans how to celebrate Daddy's day, they all turned out to be just plans. (sigh...)

Before this week, daddy's actually teasing me what will we do on Father's day or if he'll be expecting a gift or any surprise. I just smiled at him. He knows what that smile means.

This stage of our life is like a daydream, there's so much we want to do, so many places we want to visit, but we just can't (yet). 

And I am so glad that despite that fact, our family stays simple and happy. 

(This is a fact that made me fall in love with him. HIS SIMPLICITY. The way he looks in a certain situation, the way he appreciates little things and the way he loves us - I know that I was never wrong for fighting for him...)

I am supposed to be giving him a staycation in some hotel in the Metro but something happened and that plan will be impossible. So he just requested that I cook carbonara for him and then we'll fetch Lance at my parent's place.

Dear Daddy/Bebe,

First, thank you! For being a strong man for the family. Thank you for standing for us amidst all trials. I won't learn to appreciate life better without you. Marami man tayong di pinagkakasunduan, marami mang away, maramiang nagbago, thanks because you never leave my side instead you helped me. 
Thanks for loving our lil princes and for #stayinginlove with me :)
God will soon reward you, just keep the faith and don't mind those judgmental eyes, WE ARE DOING JUST FINE.
I love you to the moon and back and I will always choose you even in different time or life. :D

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DADDY! You are worth all my working mom guilts! Cheers to your colorful fatherhood journey! :)


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